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630 Schools Affected By The KZN Floods


The KZN floods have led to several learners not being able to attend school due to their schools being damaged or inaccessible. After Angie Motshekga inspected the damage she announced that a plan has been put in place to restore schooling in KZN.

A total of 630 schools have been affected by the KZN floods, with 124 schools suffering serious damage and 72 schools not being accessible due to roads and bridges being damaged.

The Department of Basic Education Spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga has announced that they are in the process of allocating 98 mobile classrooms as a temporary solution to ensure that schooling can continue in KZN.

The damaged roads and bridges have affected learner transportation but the department of transport, together with other state agencies, has worked to clear and restore routes to schools.

The progress made in the restoration of routes has decreased the number of inaccessible schools from 101 to 72.

Many vehicles are then expected to return to operation as soon as routes are cleared but transportation services are urged to find alternative routes to reach schools if possible.

The KZN floods have also caused trauma, as 64 learners have been confirmed deceased and 54 people are still considered missing, with 5 of them being children.

The number of children who are missing could increase due to some of them residing in ECD centres and not necessarily being at schools.

Affected schools and learners will receive support to recover lost learning and promote wellbeing. Teachers will be supported to address the loss of learning and incorporate digital technology in their teaching.

The Department of Basic Education are working together with the Department of Social Development in order to provide support services to learners and educators that are in need of psycho-social support.

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