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List of Courses Offered at Central University of Technology


The Accredited list of undergraduate, diploma and certificate courses offered at the Central University of Technology and their Requirements for 2023 has been released and published here.

All interested aspirants or candidates who want to apply for admission in the school can now proceed and check below for the list of courses offered in Central University of Technology and their Requirements.

Central University of Technology Online Courses

Certificate Courses (4 courses)

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education(PGCE)
  • Higher Certificate in Construction(Construction)
  • Higher Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies(Renewable Energy Technologies)
  • Higher Certificate in Dental Assisting(Dental Assisting)

Degree Courses (22 courses)

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science(Computer Science)
  • Bachelor of Education Languages(Languages)
  • Bachelor of Environmental Health Science(Environmental Health Science)
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering(Civil Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering(Electrical Engineering)
  • Bachelor Science in Quantity Surveying(Quantity Surveying)
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology(Biomedical Laboratory Technology)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics(Mathematics)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Bachelor of Economics and Management(Economics and Management)
  • Bachelor of Educational Management(Educational Management)
  • Bachelor of Graphic Design(Graphic Design)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts(Fine Arts)
  • Bachelor of Construction Technology Management(Construction Technology Management)
  • Bachelor of Urban Development Management(Urban Development Management)
  • Bachelor of Water Resource Management(Water Resource Management)
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Management(Agricultural Management)
  • Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Radiography(Diagnostic Radiography)
  • Bachelor Of Science in Clinical Technology(Clinical Technology)
  • Bachelor Of Science in Somatology(Somatology)
  • Bachelor Of Science in Natural Sciences(Natural Sciences)

Diploma Courses (12 courses)

  • National Diploma in Electrical Engineering(Electrical Engineering)
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering(Civil Engineering)
  • Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Diploma in Crime Management and Prevention(Crime Management and Prevention)
  • Diploma in Biomedical Technology(Biomedical Technology)
  • Diploma in Computer Networking(Computer Networking)
  • Diploma in Environmental Health(Environmental Health)
  • Diploma in Agricultural Management(Agricultural Management)
  • Diploma in Somatology(Somatology)
  • Diploma in Clinical Technology(Clinical Technology)
  • Diploma in Design and Studio Art(Design and Studio Art)

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