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Are you wondering what is NATED Course? NATED courses are also known as National Qualification Courses. The Department of Higher Education and Training designed each National Qualification course to train students for the workplace.

NATED courses use both theoretical and practical teachings to give students the best career-based learning.

NATED Breakdown Courses

  • N1 National Certificate: NQF Level 2
  • N2 National Certificate: NQF Level 3
  • N3 National Certificate: NQF Level 4
  • N4 National Certificate: NQF Level  5
  • N5 National Certificate: NQF Level 5
  • N6 National Certificate: NQF Level 5
  • National N Diploma: NQF Level 6

Even if you passed Matric with a National Senior Certificate Pass or a Higher Certificate Pass, you can still go on to get a diploma. Once you have entered the N4 National Certificate course, you can study your way to the N6 National Certificate.

Once you have an N6 National Certificate, you are required to complete 18 months of work experience in your chosen study field. This will be noted in a logbook that must be approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The minimum requirements to study a NATED course is grade 9.

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