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What is Aeronautical Science?


Aeronautical Science, at its most basic level, is the study of flight. It is a foundation course that can help prepare students for careers as pilots, air traffic controllers and analysts, safety experts or educators, as well as many other exciting and interesting careers.

Aeronautical Science focuses on the systems of flight, aerodynamics, and space. These themes are explored in depth through an examination of military aviation systems.

Topics include: flight physics, navigation, aerodynamics of one- and multifunctional shapes in subsonic and transonic flows, aircraft structures and design considerations, the role of missiles and ground-based launch systems for space access, stability and control for aerospace vehicles.

The study of aeronautical science is the study of the world of aviation. New technologies such as stealth, unmanned aerial vehicles, the global positioning systems and precision munitions are making a difference.

You can find opportunities to specialise in military flight platforms, design and performance or to study accident investigation in a civilian context.

Air transport is now becoming more and more important to everyone. Man has always dreamed of flight, and from the earliest times, people have built flying machines. However, mankind had to wait until the nineteenth century for a number of different innovations to come together before truly practical aircraft could be built.

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