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What Is An LLB Degree In South Africa?


LLB stands for Legum Baccalaureus in Latin and Bachelor of Laws in English. Law is a very broad field. It’s not limited to lawyers and judges. In fact, there are many jobs that don’t involve standing in courtrooms and talking on the phone with clients. Law graduates can take up careers as legal advisors, lecturers and even judges.

An LLB is the most popular degree for those who want to become a lawyer. In South Africa, an LLB is necessary for a career as a Legal practitioner.

An LLB is ideal for those who want to become judges or magistrates as it allows you to specialize in various aspects of the law. With an LLB, you can specialize in whatever area of law you want to pursue as a career. The opportunities that LLB graduates have are endless – they can even go into business and practice as legal advisors or accountants! This means that there is no need for them to obtain further qualifications before entering their chosen field of work.

If you are completing an LLB degree as your first degree, it may take a minimum of fours years to complete.

If you want to be admitted as an attorney after completing your LLB in South Africa, you must complete practical training or articles.

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