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Where to Study Astronomy In South Africa


What is Astronomy? Astronomy is the study of the Universe and its contents beyond the reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere. Astronomy is a science that has fascinated humans for thousands of years

Astronomers also attempt to answer questions about the nature of time and space. They try to determine whether space is finite or infinite, whether time had a beginning or is infinite and whether there are other dimensions that we have not yet discovered.

They also investigate the physical laws that govern the Universe. Our understanding of these laws is improving all the time as our ability to make instruments and measure radiation improves. Observations are also supported by theoretical calculations and computer simulations.

Astronomers interpret their data in order to learn about the structure and composition of objects in the Universe. This has a very practical application: astronomers are able to use what they have learned from their research to predict events such as solar flares or eclipses, which can affect communications technology on Earth.

Subfields in Astronomy

There are three main subfields in astronomy:

  1. observational Astronomy
  2. Theoretical Astronomy
  3. Planetary Science.

Observational astronomy involves the study of astronomical objects by looking at them with telescopes or taking measurements with other instruments such as radio telescopes or spacecraft.

Theoretical astronomy involves developing theories about how objects behave in space based on mathematical models.

Planetary science is concerned with studying planets and their moons as well as comets, asteroids and meteorites.

Astronomy can be a demanding field of study, requiring years of dedicated study at university.

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