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Where to Study Chemistry In South Africa?


Chemistry is an experimental science, both in theory and in practice. Chemists use the scientific method to investigate natural phenomena and to test hypotheses about how these phenomena work. They do so both by constructing theoretical models as well as by performing experiments in a lab setting. The goal of most chemists is to develop new ideas about how chemicals behave, as well as to expand the current body of knowledge about existing chemicals.

Both chemistry and biology are hard sciences, as opposed to social sciences such as psychology, history or sociology. Chemistry deals with atoms, which are very small. Biology deals with cells and organisms – which are larger than atoms but still quite small. Chemists can work with a very few atoms at a time when they conduct experiments, while biologists have to work with many more cells or organisms at a time when they do experiments.

Chemistry Study Fields

Chemistry can be broken down into several small fields of study, such as organic chemistry (the study of carbon-based compounds), biochemistry (the study of biological processes in terms of chemical reactions), physical chemistry (the study of chemical processes in terms of thermodynamics and quantum mechanics) and inorganic (or synthetic) chemistry (the study of non-biological substances).

Biologists have also branched into many subfields, including botany (the study of plants), zoology (the study of animals), microbiology (the study of microscopic organisms) and molecular biology (the study

Although chemistry is a traditional science, it has evolved significantly in the last few decades. As a result, there are many new ways to learn about our world and new ways to teach chemistry in school.

Many people think of chemistry as a tough subject and one that’s difficult to teach well. This may be because students have difficulty with certain topics or procedures.

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