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Where to Study Computer Science In South Africa


Computer scientists focus on the creation and analysis of computer technology and its applications. Computer scientists use a variety of technologies to solve computing problems in different environments. They may work in traditional computer professions, such as web developers or software designers, or they may work in specialised fields such as multimedia artists, artificial intelligence engineers, or robotics engineers.

What Do Computer Scientists Do?

Computer scientists examine computer hardware and software, computer networks, database management systems, cloud computing services, and computer security for the purpose of improving performance. They may also design or develop new computing technology.

Computer scientists can work in a variety of settings. Some are programmers who design software and develop applications while others may work in information technology departments or help companies manage their data systems. While most people think of computer scientists working in front of a computer screen all day long, the field offers many exciting career paths.

So if you’re interested in what’s inside your phone or laptop or wondering how your favorite video game operates or why your social media feed is full of ads for products you recently searched for online, then majoring in computer science may be for you!

But before you make a final decision on your career path, it helps to have an idea of what courses are required to earn a computer science degree.

What Classes Do I Need to Do in Computer Science?

A computer science major includes courses in programming language and software design. You can also expect to take some classes in math and the physical sciences such as physics and chemistry. It’s important to remember that a computer science major requires more than just coding knowledge.

Is Computer Science A GoodCareer Choice?

Because computer scientists are trained to develop new technology using rigorous mathematical processes, they are highly sought after in many industries.

Due to the wide range of applications for computer science skills, professionals with this background can earn competitive salaries across fields.

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