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Where to Submit Documents For NSFAS Appeals


If you are a student who has had their NSFAS student funding application denied and are awaiting the decision of your appeal, it is critical that you are aware of the status of your appeal. Below is where you should submit your NSFAS application appeal documents.

The misfortune of having your NSFAS application declined can be devastating. But if you quickly realised that the best option is to immediately lodge an application appeal , then you can submit the requested documents on the myNSFAS portal after following the steps listed below. Here’s where you can submit your appeal document.

The myNSFAS portal now requires applicants to choose between four specific reasons for submitting their appeal, namely:

  1. Change of Income  OR
  2. I am a vulnerable child   OR
  3. I am independent of my biological parents  OR
  4. Cost of education is restricted to one parent

Depending on which one the applicant chooses, they will then be required to download, complete, upload and submit the relevant official required supporting documents as proof.

Additionally, NSFAS has also stated that only applicants who have been declined for the reasons listed below will be able to access the appeal functionality on myNSFAS,

  • Financial Ineligibility,
  • Academic Eligibility Criteria (pass/fail)
  • N+ rule (if they are still within N+2)

New applicants who have provided insufficient documents or information can also appeal.

For those unfamiliar with how to track your NSFAS appeal status, you can do so by following the steps listed below:

  • Login on the myNSFAS portal here
  • Enter your username and password and sign in
  • Click on ‘Track Funding Progress’

For students whose applications have been approved for funding, their status will now reflect as: ‘Approved for funding subject to registration’, and for those who have been rejected for funding, the status will reflect as ‘Application unsuccessful’.

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